Notes on USB devices

Data formats

The following data formats are supported:
Х MP3: CBR, VBR (up to 320 kbit/s)
Х WMA: CBR, VBR (up to 320 kbit/s)

Notes on USB devices

Х In order to keep the initialization time to a minimum, store only music data on a USB device.
Х Approximately 10,000 tracks are supported. Multiple partitions should be used for larger numbers of tracks.
Х Do not use USB extension leads or adapters. They can impair functionality.
Х A background search of the USB device is performed and any playlists found are shown in a separate category in addition to the folders. Initialization of larger USB mass storage devices containing a large number of files may take several minutes.

protected files are not supported by the DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected files are not supported by the Media Interface.

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