Playback options

The following options are available:
Х Normal Track Sequence
The tracks are played in the normal order (e.g. track 1, 2, 3, etc.).

Х Medium Mix
All the tracks on the medium are played in random order.

Х Track List Mix (MP3 mode only)
All the tracks that are listed in the current track list are played in random order.

REGISTER. To select options: switch on the MUSIC REGISTER.

and Select Music Register by sliding turning and turning press  to confirm. the COMAND controller and press The options list appears. The  dot to confirm.

The options list appears. The indicates the option selected. dot indicates the option selected.

confirm. Select an option and press confirm. to confirm.

The option is switched on. All options except Normal Track Sequence will be indicated by a corresponding icon in the display/selection window.

automatically selected when you change The Normal Track Sequence option is automatically selected when you change the disc you are currently listening to or when you select a different medium. If an option is selected, it remains selected after COMAND is switched on or off.

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