sliding  and turning Select Audio in the main function bar by sliding the COMAND and turning controller and press  to confirm. the COMAND controller and press If MUSIC REGISTER was the last mode to confirm.

If MUSIC REGISTER was the last mode selected, it is now switched on.

If another audio source is switched on, you can now switch on the MUSIC REGISTER in the audio menu.

to Select Music Register and press to to confirm.

Example display: MUSIC REGISTER
Example display: MUSIC REGISTER

1 Type of data carrier: MUSIC REGISTER
2 Track number
3 Track name
4 Track time
5 Graphic time and track display
6 Current playback settings (no symbol for "Normal track sequence")
7 Sound settings
8 Media selection
9 Current folder
10 Search functions
11 Data carrier position in the media list
12 To call up the MUSIC REGISTER menu

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