Stop function

This function is only available in audio DVD mode.

To interrupt playback: select Switch on audio DVD mode.

by To interrupt playback: select sliding  and turning by sliding the COMAND and turning controller and press  to confirm. the COMAND controller and press The  display changes to to confirm.

The . display changes to . remains highlighted. remains highlighted.

and To continue playback: select press  to confirm. and press Playback continues from the point where it to confirm.

Playback continues from the point where it was interrupted.

interrupted, select  again and press To stop playback: while playback is interrupted, select to confirm. again and press or to confirm.


twice in rapid succession. Select twice in rapid succession. and confirm by pressing twice in rapid succession. twice in rapid succession.

To restart playback: select is highlighted.

and To restart playback: select and and press Playback starts at the beginning of the to confirm.

Playback starts at the beginning of the DVD.

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