Important notes

This section provides detailed information on the following topics:
Х selecting a channel and program category
Х memory functions
Х sound settings

requires optionally available satellite radio The satellite radio mode described below requires optionally available satellite radio equipment and registration with a satellite radio provider.

shown in the illustrations depend on the Note that the categories and channels shown in the illustrations depend on the program content offered by the provider.
The program contents may vary. The illustrations and descriptions in these operating instructions may therefore differ from the channels and categories offered by the provider.

Satellite radio mode may be temporarily unavailable or interrupted for a variety of reasons. These reasons include environmental or topographical conditions as well as other issues beyond the control of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. Operation may also be impaired in certain locations (e.g. tunnels, multi-storey car parks or within as well as close to buildings).

digital-quality radio channels providing SIRIUS XM Radio offers more than 130 digital-quality radio channels providing 100% commercial-free music, sport, news and entertainment.
SIRIUS XM Radio employs a fleet of highperformance satellites to broadcast around the clock throughout the USA and Canada.
The satellite radio program is available for a monthly fee. Details are available from the SIRIUS XM Service Center and at (USA) or (Canada).

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