Important notes

The "HD Radio" section provides detailed information on the following:
Х special functions available exclusively for HD Radio when compared with analog AM and FM radio
Х selecting an HD Radio station
Х displaying program information

to make use of the HD Radio functions Optional HD Radio equipment is required to make use of the HD Radio functions described here. Registration is not required.

HD Radio functions offer:
Х digital transmission on the same wavebands as analog AM/FM. The analog AM/FM stations remain in the same position when selecting a station.
Х the ability to broadcast several program streams over a single AM/FM frequency (e.g. HD1, HD2 etc.)Х Х clear, interference free reception
Х on FM stations: CD quality sound; on AM stations: analog FM station sound quality
Х a wide range of data services, text-based information Ц name of artist, name of song etc. Ц on the display.

For further information on HD Radio, visit

program information shown in the Please note that sub-programs and program information shown in the illustrations are dependent on the program broadcast by the respective radio station.
The program contents may vary. The subprograms and programs shown in the illustrations in this manual may therefore differ from the sub-programs and programs broadcast by radio stations.

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