Switching to radio mode

Option 1

The radio display appears. You will hear the Press The radio display appears. You will hear the the function button.

The radio display appears. You will hear the last station played on the last waveband.

Option 2

sliding  and turning Select Audio in the main function bar by sliding the COMAND and turning controller and press  to confirm. the COMAND controller and press If radio mode was the last mode selected, to confirm.

If radio mode was the last mode selected, it will now be active.

If another audio mode is switched on, you can now switch to radio mode in the audio menu.

the COMAND Select Audio by sliding the COMAND the COMAND controller and pressing The audio menu appears. to confirm.

The audio menu appears.

Example display: audio menu
Example display: audio menu

1 Current audio operating mode
2 Main function bar
3 Audio menu

COMAND controller and press  to Select FM/AM radio by turning cVd the COMAND controller and press confirm. to confirm.

Example display, FM radio
Example display, FM radio

1 Display window with station settings
2 Frequency of the selected station
3 Name of the selected station
4 Display bar for frequency setting
5 Sound settings
6 Waveband
7 Station information
8 Preset functions
9 Radio functions

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