Compass function

You can display the current compass direction heading in which the front of the vehicle is facing.

1 Current compass heading

1 Current compass heading
2 geo-coordinates

In the compass view, you can see the current direction of travel, the current height above sea level and the coordinates of the vehicle position, for example.

function button once or twice. To activate navigation mode: press the To show the menu: press function button once or twice.

the COMAND To show the menu: press the COMAND the COMAND controller.

menu bar by sliding  and turning Select Position in the navigation system menu bar by sliding the COMAND controller and press  to and turning the COMAND controller and press  to the COMAND controller and press confirm. to confirm.

to confirm. Select Compass and press to confirm. to confirm.

pressing  or press the To exit the display: confirm Back by pressing button. or press the Installing new map software button.

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