Moving the map

Showing the crosshair

the COMAND To hide the menu: slide the COMAND the COMAND controller and, when the Full screen menu item is shown, press To move the map: slide ,.

or To move the map: slide or, the COMAND controller. or A crosshair appears on the map. If you slide the COMAND controller.

A crosshair appears on the map. If you slide it again, the map moves in the corresponding direction under the crosshair.

Map with crosshair
Map with crosshair

1 Current vehicle position
2 Crosshair
3 Details of the crosshair position
4 Map scale selected

Display 3 may be the name of a street, for example, provided the digital map contains the necessary data. Or it may show the geocoordinate position of the crosshair if the Geo-coordinates display is switched on.

Hiding the crosshair and centering the map on the vehicle position or destination

The crosshair disappears and the map is Press the The crosshair disappears and the map is back button.

The crosshair disappears and the map is set to the vehicle position.


explanation below. Set the map to the vehicle position; see the explanation below.

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