Important safety note

The COMAND navigation system may direct you to off-road routes that your vehicle may not be capable of traversing through without damaging your tires, wheels or vehicle. It is the driver's sole responsibility to determine the suitability of the route. Off-road routes may be of varying conditions and their appropriateness for use may be affected by various factors such as time of day, time of year and immediate weather conditions that cannot be judged or taken into consideration by the COMAND system.

Route guidance to a destination that is not on a digitized road

COMAND can guide you to destinations which are within the area covered by the digital map, but which are not themselves recorded on the map.

These destinations are known as off-road destinations, which you can enter using the map, for example. In these cases, COMAND guides you for as long as possible with navigation announcements and displays on roads known to the system.

Example display: route guidance to an off-road destination
Example display: route guidance to an off-road destination

1 Off-road destination
2 Off-road route section (dashed blue)
3 Current vehicle position (the tip of the triangle indicates the vehicle’s direction of travel)
4 Off-road (no street names available)

If the vehicle reaches an area which is not part of the digital map, the display appears as a split-screen view. On the right-hand side, an arrow appears which points to off-road destination 1. You will hear the announcement: "Please follow the arrow on the display".

Route guidance from an off-road location to a destination

If the vehicle position is within the area covered by the digital map, but the map does not contain any information about that location, the vehicle is in an off-road location.

COMAND is also able to guide you to a destination even from an off-road location.

At the start of the route guidance, you will see the Street unknown message, an arrow and the distance to the destination. The direction arrow shows the linear direction to the actual destination.

The continuous blue line on the map starts at the street which you left last.

As soon as the vehicle is back on a road known to the system, route guidance continues in the usual way.

Off-road during route guidance

Due to roadworks, for example, there may be differences between the data on the digital map and the actual course of the road.

In such cases, the system will temporarily be unable to locate the vehicle position on the digital map and thus considers the vehicle to be in an off-road position.

In the display, you will see the Street unknown message, an arrow and the distance to the destination. The arrow shows the compass heading to the last road you were driving on.

As soon as the system can assign the vehicle position to the map again, route guidance continues in the usual way.

Route guidance on roads that are not completely digitalized

COMAND attempts to avoid roads that have not been completely digitalized. If the vehicle's position or the destination is located in an area that has not been completely digitalized, then no active route guidance is performed. Instead, the map shows a dashed route along the roads and the target direction is shown with an arrow. You hear the announcement: "You will enter an area, where turn-by-turn guidance can not be provided. Please follow the arrow on the display". Once these roads have been left, regular route guidance is resumed.

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