Navigation announcements

Repeating navigation announcements

Navigation announcements are intended to direct you while driving without diverting your attention from the road and driving.
Please always use this feature instead of consulting the map display for directions.
Looking at the icons or map display can distract you from traffic conditions and driving, and increase the risk of an accident.

muted during a telephone call. Audible navigation announcements are muted during a telephone call.

If you have missed an announcement, you can call up the current announcement at any time.

the COMAND To show the menu: press the COMAND the COMAND controller.

with . In the navigation menu bar, confirm RPT with Switching navigation announcements.

Switching navigation announcements on/off

press the  button on the To switch off: during the announcement, press the multifunction button on the multifunction steering wheel.

You will briefly see the message: The driving instructions have been muted.

COMAND To switch on: press COMAND the COMAND controller.

to confirm. In the to confirm. navigation menu bar, press to confirm. to confirm.

navigation announcements back on when: COMAND automatically switches the navigation announcements back on when:
• you have a new route calculated.
• you start the engine again after having left the vehicle.

Reducing volume during a navigation announcement

The volume of an active audio or video source can be automatically reduced during a navigation announcement.

sliding  and turning Select Navi in the main function bar by sliding the COMAND and turning the COMAND the COMAND controller and press Select Audio Fadeout and press to confirm.

to Select Audio Fadeout and press to to confirm.

The function is switched on , or off depending on the previous status., depending on the previous status.

Setting the volume manually

announcement. Set the volume during a navigation announcement.
shown, select  and adjust the In the map display when the menu is shown, select volume. and adjust the volume.

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