General notes

COMAND calculates the route to the destination without taking into account the following, for example:
Х Traffic lights
Х Stop and right-of-way signs
Х Lane merging
Х Parking or stopping prohibited areas
Х Other road and traffic rules and regulations
Х Narrow bridges
COMAND may give incorrect navigation commands if the data in the digital map does not correspond with the actual road/ traffic situation. For example, if the traffic routing has been changed or the direction of a oneway road has been reversed.
For this reason, you must always observe applicable road and traffic rules and regulations during your journey. Road and traffic rules and regulations always have priority over the navigation commands generated by the system.

Route guidance begins once a route has been calculated.

COMAND guides you to your destination by means of navigation commands in the form of audible navigation announcements and route guidance displays.

The route guidance displays can only be seen if the display is switched to navigation mode.

If you do not follow the navigation announcements or if you leave the calculated route, COMAND automatically calculates a new route to the destination.

If the digital map contains the corresponding information, the following applies:
Х when selecting a route, COMAND tries to avoid roads that only have limited access, e.g. roads closed to through traffic and nonresidents.
Х roads that have time restrictions (e.g. closed on Sundays and public holidays) are avoided for route guidance.

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