Selecting a destination from the destination memory (e.g. My address)


The destination memory always contains an entry named "My address". You may wish to assign your home address to this entry, for example, and select it for route guidance. This entry is always located at the top of the list in the destination memory.

To activate navigation mode: press the function button once or twice. function button once or twice.

the COMAND To show the menu: press the COMAND the COMAND controller.

system menu bar by turning  the Select Destination in the navigation system menu bar by turning COMAND controller and pressing  to the COMAND controller and pressing confirm. to confirm.

to Select From Memory and press confirm. to confirm.

the Select My Address by turning COMAND controller. the COMAND controller.

to Irrespective of the option, press to to confirm your selection.

"My address" has been entered.

and press  to confirm. To start route calculation: select Start and press Entering a destination from the list of to confirm.

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