Safety notes

For safety reasons, only enter a destination when the vehicle is stationary. When the vehicle is in motion, a passenger should enter the destination. Study manual and select route before driving.
Bear in mind that at a speed of just 30 mph (approximately 50 km/h), your vehicle is covering a distance of 44 feet (approximately 14 m) every second.
COMAND calculates the route to the destination without taking account of the following:
Х Traffic lights
Х Stop and right-of-way-signs
Х Lane merging
Х Parking or stopping prohibited areas
Х Other road and traffic rules and regulations
Х Narrow bridges

COMAND may give incorrect navigation commands if the data in the digital map does not correspond with the actual road/traffic situation. Digital maps do not cover all areas nor all routes within an area. For example, if the traffic routing has been changed or the direction of a one-way road has been reversed.
For this reason, you must always observe applicable road and traffic rules and regulations during your journey. Road and traffic rules and regulations always have priority over the navigation commands generated by the system.

Navigation announcements are intended to direct you while driving without diverting your attention from the road and driving.
Please always use this feature instead of consulting the map display for directions.
Looking at the icons or map display can distract you from traffic conditions and driving, and increase the risk of an accident.

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