External authorization

If COMAND does not detect your Bluetooth device, this may be due to particular security settings on your Bluetooth device. In this case, you can test if your Bluetooth device can find COMAND.

The Bluetooth device name of COMAND is "MB Bluetooth".

Select Update.
the Select Options by sliding the the COMAND controller and press confirm. to confirm.
press  to confirm. Select External Authorization and press to confirm.
Bluetooth device (see separate operating Start the Bluetooth scan process on the Bluetooth device (see separate operating instructions of the respective device).
The order in which the passkey is entered Select COMAND ("MB Bluetooth").

depends on the mobile phone. The order in which the passkey is entered depends on the mobile phone.

when prompted. Enter the passkey on the Bluetooth device when prompted.
XX? question in COMAND with Yes. Confirm the Do you want to authorize XX? question in COMAND with Yes.
Displaying the details of a Bluetooth device Enter the passkey in COMAND.

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