Cordless headphones


The cordless headphones for the rear compartment can be recognized by the "DIGITAL AUDIO" inscription on the battery compartment cover and by the fact that there is no SPLITVIEW symbol.

1 Volume control

1 Volume control
2 To select a screen for the headphones
3 Battery compartment cover
4 To switch the cordless headphones on/off
5 Indicator lamp with various displays

headphones by pulling Gently pull both sides of the headphones out and adjust the fit of the headphones by pulling the headband in the direction of the arrow.

Switching the cordless headphones on/ off

Depending on the previous status, the Press button 4.

Depending on the previous status, the headphones are switched on or off. To save the battery, the headphones are switched off automatically if they do not receive a signal within three minutes.

Adjusting the volume of the headphones

reached the desired volume. Turn volume control 1 until you have reached the desired volume.

headphones to a rear-compartment If you have connected corded headphones to a rear-compartment screen, you can adjust the volume by pressing buttons 7 on the remote control.

Selecting a screen for the headphones

or R (right-hand screen). Move push slider 2 to L (left-hand screen) or R (right-hand screen).

Indicator lamp displays

The indicator lamp displays the following possible stati for the batteries and headphones:

Connecting additional headphones

Connecting additional headphones

You can connect an additional set of corded headphones to each rear-compartment screen.

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