COMAND display

Display overview

The COMAND display shows the function currently selected and its associated menus. The COMAND display is divided into several areas.

The radio display is shown in the example.

1 Status bar

1 Status bar
2 To call up the audio menu
3 Main function bar
4 Display/selection window
5 Radio menu bar
6 Air-conditioning function bar

Status bar 1 shows the current settings for radio and telephone operation.
The main functions navigation, audio, telephone and video feature additional menus. This is indicated by triangle 2. The following table lists the available menu items.
Main function bar 3 allows you to call up the desired main function.
In the example, the Audio main function is set to radio mode and display/selection window 4 is active.
Radio menu bar 5 allows you to operate the radio functions.
The air-conditioning functions can be operated in air-conditioning function bar B.

Menu overview

The table lists the menus available after calling up the main navigation, audio, telephone, video or system function in the main function bar.


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