Components of COMAND

COMAND consists of:
the DVD changer
the COMAND controller
the COMAND function buttons
the telephone keypad
connections in the glove box (USB, additional USB, jack plug and iPod connection)
a remote control for the front passenger and for use with the Rear Seat Entertainment System
two sets of cordless headphones for the Rear Seat Entertainment System
cordless headphones for the front passenger
two screens (Rear Seat Entertainment System)
CD/DVD drive (Rear Seat Entertainment System)
audio/video connections on the screen (Rear Seat Entertainment System)
audio/video connections on the drive (Rear Seat Entertainment System)

You can use COMAND to operate the following main functions:
the navigation system
the audio function with radio and satellite radio modes, disk (audio CD/DVD and MP3 mode), memory card (MP3 mode), MUSIC REGISTER, Bluetooth audio, Media Interface and audio AUX
the telephone and the address book
the video function with video DVD and video AUX modes
the system settings

You can call up the main functions:
using the corresponding function buttons
using the main function bar in the COMAND display

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