Correct use

Observe the following information when using COMAND:
• the safety notes in this manual
• all road traffic regulations

components or systems (e.g. radio, DVD Work improperly carried out on electronic components or systems (e.g. radio, DVD changer) and associated software could cause them to cease functioning. Even systems that have not been modified could be affected because the electronic systems are connected. Electronic malfunctions can seriously jeopardize the operational safety of your vehicle.

components carried out at a qualified Only have repairs or changes to electronic components carried out at a qualified specialist workshop which has the necessary specialist knowledge and tools to carry out the work required. Daimler recommends that you use an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center for this purpose. In particular, work relevant to safety or on safety-related systems must be carried out at a qualified specialist workshop.

equipped with technical provisions to Protection against theft: this device is equipped with technical provisions to protect it against theft. Further information on protection against theft can be obtained from an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

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