Monitor the closing procedure carefully to make sure no one is in danger of being injured. To prevent possible personal injury, always keep hands and fingers away from the trunk opening when closing the trunk lid. Be especially careful when small children are around. To stop the closing procedure, do one of the following:
Х Press button
SmartKey. on the SmartKey.
Х Press the remote trunk opening/closing switch (on the driver's door).
Х Press the trunk closing switch.
Х Press the KEYLESS-GO locking/closing switch.
Х Pull the trunk lid handle.
Even with the SmartKey removed from the starter switch or the SmartKey with KEYLESS-GO removed from the vehicle, the remote trunk opening/closing switch can be operated. Therefore, do not leave children unattended in the vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle. A child's unsupervised access to a vehicle could result in an accident and/or serious personal injury.

You can close the trunk lid automatically by using the closing button or locking button.

To close: press closing button 1 in the

trunk lid. To close: press closing button 1 in the trunk lid.
lid. To close and lock simultaneously: Press locking button 2 in the trunk lid.

trunk, the trunk lid will not lock. If you leave a KEYLESS-GO key in the trunk, the trunk lid will not lock.

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