Power closing feature

The power closing feature pulls the doors and trunk lid into their locks automatically even if they are only partly closed.

To prevent possible personal injury, always keep hands and fingers away from the door or trunk opening when closing a door or the trunk lid. Be especially careful when small children are around.
If danger threatens, pull the inside or outside door handle, or pull the trunk lid handle.
To prevent personal injury, never activate the closing assist mechanism by tampering with the door or trunk lid latch.

Only drive with the doors closed. Otherwise, one or more of the doors could open while the vehicle is in motion, putting you and/or others at risk.

Make sure the trunk lid is closed when the engine is running and while driving. Among other dangers, deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gases may enter the vehicle interior resulting in unconsciousness and death.

door past the first detent position of the Power closing feature (doors): push the door past the first detent position of the lock.
The power closing feature will pull the door fully closed.
push the trunk lid closed. Power closing feature (trunk lid): lightly push the trunk lid closed.
The power closing feature will pull the trunk lid fully closed.

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