Limited Warranty

about the proper operation of your vehicle Follow the instructions in this manual about the proper operation of your vehicle as well as about possible vehicle damage.

Damage to your vehicle that arises from culpable contraventions against these instructions are not covered either by Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty or by the New or Used-Vehicle Warranty of Daimler AG.

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    Press the button on the SmartKey. Pull handle 1. Raise the trunk lid. ...

    Fuse box in the engine compartment
    Ц Open the hood. Ц Remove any existing moisture from the fuse box using a dry cloth. Ц To open: open clamps 2. Ц Fold cover 1 upwards in the direction of the arrow and remove it. Make s ...

    Snow chains
    For safety reasons, Mercedes-Benz recommends that you only use snow chains which have been specially approved for your vehicle by Mercedes-Benz, or are of a corresponding standard of quality. ...