Checking tire pressure electronically

Х► Make sure that the SmartKey is in position 2  in the ignition lock.

Х► Press the steering wheel to select the Service button on the steering wheel to select the Service menu.

Х► Press the Tire Pressure. button to select Tire Pressure.

Х► Press the The current tire pressure for each wheel will button.

The current tire pressure for each wheel will be displayed in the multifunction display.

If the vehicle has been parked for longer than 20 minutes, the Tire pressures will be displayed after driving a few minutes message appears in the display.

After a teach-in period, the tire pressure monitor automatically recognizes new wheels or new sensors. If a clear allocation of the tire pressure values to the individual wheels is not possible, the Tire Pressure Monitor Active message is shown instead of the tire pressure display. The tire pressures are already being monitored.

If a spare wheel/emergency spare wheel is mounted, the system may continue to show the tire pressure of the wheel that has been removed for a few minutes. If this occurs, note that the value displayed for the position where the spare tire is mounted is not the same as the spare wheel/emergency spare wheel's current tire pressure.

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