Lowering the vehicle

Vehicles with a spare wheel with a collapsible spare wheel only: do not inflate the collapsible spare wheel until it has been mounted.

Inflate the collapsible spare wheel using the tire inflation compressor before lowering the vehicle.

Х► Turn the crank of the jack counterclockwise until the vehicle is once again standing firmly on the ground.

Х► Place the jack to one side.

Х► Tighten the wheel bolts evenly in a

Х► Tighten the wheel bolts evenly in a crosswise pattern in the sequence indicated (1 to 5). The tightening torque must be 96 lb-ft (130 Nm).

Have the tightening torque checked immediately after a wheel is changed. The wheels could come loose if they are not tightened to a torque of 96 lb/ft (130 Nm).

Turn the jack back to its initial position and store it together with the rest of the tirechange tool kit in the trunk/cargo compartment.

Х► AMG vehicles and vehicles with AMG equipment: insert the cover into the outer sill.

Vehicles with an emergency spare wheel:

Х► Transport the defective wheel in the trunk/ cargo compartment.
Х► Depending on the size of the wheel, you may also be able to secure the defective wheel in the spare wheel well. In this case, you will have to remove the stowage well casing from the spare wheel well and stow it securely in the trunk/cargo compartment.

For further information on stowing the collapsible spare wheel.

When you are driving with the collapsible spare wheel mounted, the tire pressure loss warning system or the tire pressure monitoring system cannot function reliably. Only restart the tire pressure loss warning system/tire pressure monitoring system when the defective wheel has been replaced with a new wheel.

Vehicles with tire pressure monitoring system: all mounted wheels must be equipped with functioning sensors and the defective wheel should no longer be in the vehicle.

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