Preparing the vehicle

Your vehicle may be equipped with:

 - TIREFIT kit
 - a "Minispare" emergency spare wheel
 - a collapsible spare wheel
 - MOExtended tires (tires with run-flat properties)

Vehicle preparation is not necessary on vehicles with MOExtended tires.

Vehicles equipped with MOExtended tires are not equipped with a TIREFIT kit at the factory. It is therefore recommended that you additionally equip your vehicle with a TIREFIT kit if you mount tires that do not feature run-flat properties, e.g. winter tires.

A TIREFIT kit can be obtained from an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Х► Vehicles with AIRMATIC: make sure that "normal" level is selected

Stop the vehicle as far away as possible from traffic on solid, non-slippery and level ground.

Х► Switch on the hazard warning lamps.

Х► Firmly depress the parking brake.

Х► Bring the front wheels into the straightahead position.

Х► Move the selector lever/DIRECT SELECT lever to P.

Х► Switch off the engine.

Х► Vehicles without KEYLESS-GO: remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock.

Х► Vehicles with KEYLESS-GO: open the driver's door.

The on-board electronics have status 0, which is the same as the SmartKey having been removed.

Х► Vehicles with KEYLESS-GO: remove the Start/Stop button from the ignition lock

Х► All occupants must get out of the vehicle.

Make sure that they are not endangered as they do so.

Х► Make sure that no one is near the danger area while a wheel is being changed.

Anyone who is not directly assisting in the wheel change should, for example, stand behind the barrier.

Х► Get out of the vehicle. Pay attention to traffic conditions when doing so.

Х► Close the driver's door.

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