Cleaning the windows

Before cleaning the windshield or wiper blades, switch off the windshield wipers and remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock.

On vehicles with KEYLESS-GO, press the Start/Stop button repeatedly until all indicator lamps in the instrument cluster have gone out. The windshield wipers could otherwise move and injure you.

•► Clean the inside and outside of the windows with a damp cloth and a cleaning agent that is recommended and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

Do not use dry cloths, abrasive products, solvents or cleaning agents containing solvents to clean the inside of the windows.

Do not touch the insides of the windows with hard objects, e.g. an ice scraper or ring. There is otherwise a risk of damaging the windows.

Clean the water drainage channels of the windshield and the rear window at regular intervals. Deposits such as leaves, petals and pollen may under certain circumstances prevent water from draining away. This can lead to corrosion damage and damage to electronic components.

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