Cleaning the paintwork

Scratches, corrosive deposits, areas affected by corrosion and damage caused by inadequate care cannot always be completely repaired. In such cases, visit a qualified specialist workshop, e.g. an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

► Remove impurities immediately, where possible, whilst avoiding rubbing too hard.

► Soak insect remains with insect remover and rinse off the treated areas afterwards.

► Soak bird droppings with water and rinse off the treated areas afterwards.

► Remove coolant, brake fluid, tree resin, oils, fuels and greases by rubbing gently with a cloth soaked in petroleum ether or lighter fluid.

► Use tar remover to remove tar stains.

► Use silicone remover to remove wax.

Do not affix:

 - stickers
 - films
 - magnetic plates or similar items to painted surfaces.

You could otherwise damage the paintwork.

If water no longer forms "beads" on the paint surface, use the paint care products recommended and approved by Mercedes- Benz. This is the case approximately every three to five months, depending on the climate conditions and the care product used.

If dirt has penetrated the paint surface or the paint has become dull, the paint cleaner recommended and approved by Mercedes- Benz should be used.

Do not use these care products in the sun or on the hood while the hood is hot.

► Use a suitable touch-up stick, e.g. MB Touch-Up Stick, to correct smaller areas of paint damage quickly and provisionally.

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