Emergency call

Important safety notes

! A license agreement must exist in order to activate the mbrace service. Ensure that your system is activated and ready for use, and press the button to MB Info call button to register. If any of the steps mentioned is not carried out, the system may not be activated.

If you have questions about the activation, contact one of the following telephone assistance services:

 - USA: Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center under 1-800-FOR-MERCedes (1-800-367-6372) or 1-888-990-9007
 - Canada: Customer Service at 1-888-923-8367

An emergency call is dialed automatically if an air bag or Emergency Tensioning Device is triggered.

An mbrace emergency call that has been initiated automatically cannot be terminated by the customer.

An emergency call can also be initiated manually.

As soon as the emergency call has been initiated, the indicator lamp in the SOS button flashes. The Connecting Call message appears on the multifunction display.

The audio output is muted.

Once a connection has been established, the Call Connected message appears in the multifunction display.

All important information on the emergency is transmitted, for example:

 - current location of the vehicle (as determined by the GPS system)
 - vehicle identification number
 - information on the type of emergency

Shortly after the emergency call has been initiated, a voice connection is automatically established between the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center and the vehicle occupants. If the vehicle occupants respond, the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center attempts to get more information on the emergency.

i If no vehicle occupant answers, an ambulance is immediately sent to the vehicle.

If the indicator lamp in the SOS button is flashing continuously and no voice connection to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center was established, then the mbrace system could not initiate an emergency call (e.g. the relevant cellular phone network is not available).

The message Call Failed appears in the multifunction display for approximately 10 seconds.

Should this occur, assistance must be summoned by other means.

Making an emergency call

Х► To initiate an emergency call

Х► To initiate an emergency call manually: press cover 1 briefly to open it.

Х► Press SOS button 2 briefly.

The indicator lamp in SOS button 2 flashes until the emergency call is concluded.

Х► Wait for a voice connection to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center.

Х► After the emergency call is ended, close cover 1.

If you feel in any way in jeopardy when in the vehicle (e.g. smoke or fire in the vehicle, vehicle in a dangerous road location), please do not wait for voice contact after you have pressed the SOS button. Carefully leave the vehicle and move to a safe location. The Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center will automatically contact local emergency officials with the vehicle's approximate location if they receive an automatic SOS signal and cannot make voice contact with the vehicle occupants.

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