System self-test

After you have switched on the ignition, the system carries out a self-diagnosis.

A malfunction in the system has been detected if one of the following conditions occurs:

 - the indicator lamp in the SOS button does not light up during the system selfdiagnosis.

 - the indicator lamp in the Roadside Roadside Assistance button does not light up during the system self-diagnosis.

 - The indicator lamp in the information information button does not light up during selfdiagnosis of the system.

 - the indicator lamp in the SOS button, Roadside Assistance button or information button continues to be lit red information button continues to be lit red after the system self-diagnosis.

 - The Tele Aid Inoperative or Tele Aid Not Activated message appears in the multifunction display after the system selftest.

If a malfunction is indicated as outlined above, the system may not operate as expected. In the event of an emergency, assistance must be summoned by other means.

Have the system checked at the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz Center or contact the following service hotlines:

 - USA: Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center under 1-800-FOR-MERCedes(1-800-367-6372) or 1-888-990-9007

 - Canada: Customer Service at 1-888-923-83

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