Bottle holder

Do not transport heavy, sharp-edged, or fragile bottles in the bottle holder.

In the event of an accident, the bottle holder cannot secure a bottle sufficiently. You and/ or vehicle occupants could be injured.

! Make sure that any bottles weighing more than 0.5 kg that are stored in the bottle holder rest on the vehicle floor. The bottle holder could otherwise be damaged.

The bottle holder is suitable for bottles sized between 25 fl.oz (0.7 l) and 54 fl.oz (1.5 l).

The bottle holder does not secure the bottles; it merely prevents them from tipping over.

Х► Press the outer edge of button : and slide

Х► Press the outer edge of button : and slide in the direction of the arrow until the bottle fits into the opening.

Х► Insert the bottle into the bottle holder.

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