Activating/deactivating PRE-SAFE Brake

PRE-SAFE Brake is only available in vehicles with DISTRONIC PLUS.

► Press the steering wheel to select the DriveAssist button on the steering wheel to select the DriveAssist menu.

► Press Brake. to select PRE-SAFE Brake.

► Press The current selection is displayed..

The current selection is displayed.

To activate/deactivate: press again. again.

When PRE-SAFE Brake is activated, the multifunction display shows the function is not activated. symbol as long as the HOLD function is not activated.

Vehicles with Parking Guidance: if PARKTRONIC is activated and you are driving at a speed under 22 mph (35 km/h) the symbol for Parking Guidance is displayed symbol for Parking Guidance is displayed instead of the Activating/deactivating ATTENTION symbol.

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