You can establish a Bluetooth® connection to COMAND (see the separate operating instructions).

A driver's attention to the road must always be his/her primary focus when driving. For your safety and the safety of others, we recommend that you pull over to a safe location and stop before placing or taking a telephone call. If you choose to use the telephone while driving, please use the handsfree device and only use the telephone when weather, road and traffic conditions permit.

Some jurisdictions prohibit the driver from using a mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

Bear in mind that at a speed of just 30 mph (approximately 50 km/h ), your vehicle is covering a distance of 44 feet (approximately 14 m) every second.

•► Switch on the mobile phone and COMAND (see the separate operating instructions).

•► Press the steering wheel to select the Tel menu. button on the steering wheel to select the Tel menu.

You will see one of the following display messages in the multifunction display:

 - Telephone Ready or the name of the network provider: the mobile phone has found a network and is ready to receive.
 - Phone No Service: no network is available, or the mobile phone is searching for a network.

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