Pedestrian recognition

Pedestrian recognition may be impaired or inoperative if:

 - pedestrians are partially or entirely obscured by objects, e.g. parked vehicles.

 - the silhouette of the pedestrian in the Night View Assist Plus display is incomplete or interrupted, e.g. by powerful light reflections.

 - pedestrians do not contrast with the surroundings.

 - pedestrians are not standing upright, for example, if they are sitting, crouching or lying down.

Animals are not recognized by pedestrian recognition.

Night View Assist Plus is able to recognize pedestrians by typical characteristics, e.g. a silhouette in the shape of a person.

Pedestrian recognition is then switched on automatically if:

 - Night View Assist Plus is activated.
 - you are driving faster than 6 mph (10 km/h).
 - the surroundings are dark, e.g. when driving outside built-up areas without street lighting.

If pedestrian recognition is active, symbol 4 appears. If pedestrians are recognized, they are framed 3 and thereby highlighted. If the pedestrian recognition system has brought a pedestrian to your attention, look through the windshield to evaluate the situation. The actual distance to objects and pedestrians cannot be gauged accurately by looking at a screen.

It may be the case that objects are highlighted as well as pedestrians.

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