Important safety notes

Parking Guidance is an electronic parking aid with ultrasound. Ultrasound is used to measure the road on both sides of the vehicle.

A suitable parking space is indicated by the parking symbol. You receive steering instructions when parking. You may also use PARKTRONIC

Parking Guidance is merely an aid and may display parking spaces that are not suitable for parking, for example:

 - no-parking areas
 - parking spaces with unsuitable surfaces (road surface)
 - driveways
 - entrances and exits

Parking Guidance detects and measures potential parking spaces while driving past.

Changes to the parking space after this point are not taken into account, for example if the vehicle in front of or behind the parking space changes position or objects in the parking space are moved.

Even when using Parking Guidance, you are still responsible for driving carefully. If you rely on Parking Guidance alone, you could cause an accident and injure yourself and others.

Safety always remains your responsibility and you must continue paying careful attention to your immediate surroundings when parking and maneuvering.

Objects located above the height range of Parking Guidance will not be detected when the parking space is measured. These objects are not taken into account when the parking procedure is calculated, e.g. overhanging loads, tail sections or loading ramps of goods vehicles. Under some circumstances, Parking Guidance might therefore issue steering instructions too soon. This may lead to a collision. For this reason, you should avoid using Parking Guidance in such situations.

Make sure that no persons or animals are in the maneuvering range. Otherwise, they could be injured.

Pay particular attention to low objects or objects with flat surfaces, such as trailer drawbars, posts, cross beams and curbs.

These types of objects cannot be detected by Parking Guidance and may damage the vehicle.

When PARKTRONIC is deactivated, Parking Guidance is also unavailable.

Use Parking Guidance for parking spaces:

 - that are parallel to the direction of travel  - that are on straight roads, not bends  - that are on the same level as the road, i.e.

not on the pavement, for example. Parking Guidance may not detect flat curbs Parking tips:

Ron narrow roads, drive past the parking space as close as possible.

 - parking spaces that are littered, overgrown or partially occupied by trailer drawbars might be identified incorrectly or not at all.
 - snowfall or heavy rain may lead to a parking space being measured inaccurately.
 - pay attention to the PARKTRONIC warning messages during the parking procedure.
 - when transporting a load which protrudes from your vehicle, you must not use Parking Guidance.
 - never use Parking Guidance with snow chains or an emergency spare wheel installed.
 - make sure that the tire pressures are always correct. This has a direct effect on the steering instructions.
 - the way your vehicle is positioned in the parking space after parking is dependent on various factors. These include the position and shape of the vehicles parked in front and behind it and the conditions of the location. In some cases, Parking Guidance may guide you too far or not far enough into a parking space. In some cases, it may also lead you across or onto the curb. If necessary, cancel the parking procedure with Parking Guidance.

If unavoidable, you should drive over obstacles such as curbs slowly and not at a sharp angle. Otherwise, you may damage the wheels or tires.

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