Important safety notes

The PARKTRONIC is a supplemental system.

It is not intended to, nor does it replace, the need for extreme care. The responsibility during parking and other critical maneuvers always remains with the driver.  

Make sure no persons or animals are in or near the area in which you are parking/ maneuvering. Otherwise, they could be injured.

PARKTRONIC is an electronic parking aid with ultrasonic sensors. It indicates visually and audibly the distance between your vehicle and an object.

PARKTRONIC is activated automatically when you:

 - switch on the ignition
 - shift the transmission to position D, R or N
 - release the parking brake

PARKTRONIC is deactivated at speeds above 11 mph (18 km/h). It is reactivated at lower speeds.

PARKTRONIC monitors the area around your vehicle using six sensors in the front bumper and four sensors in the rear bumper.

1. Sensors in the front bumper, left-hand

1. Sensors in the front bumper, left-hand side (example)

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