Suspension tuning

General notes

The electronically controlled damping system works continuously. This improves driving safety and ride comfort.

The damping is tuned individually to each wheel and depends on:

 - your driving style, e.g. sporty
 - the road surface condition, e.g. bumps
 - your individual selection, i.e. sports or comfort

Your selection remains stored even if you remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock.

Sports tuning

Sports tuning

The firmer suspension tuning in Sport mode ensures even better contact with the road.

Select this mode when employing a sporty driving style, e.g. on winding country roads.

•► Press button 1.

Indicator lamp 2 lights up. Sports suspension tuning is selected.

The AIRMATIC SPORT message appears in the multifunction display.

Comfort tuning

In Comfort mode, the driving characteristics of your vehicle are more comfortable. Select this mode if you prefer a more comfortable driving style, but also when driving fast on straight roads, e.g. highways.

•► Press button 1.

Indicator lamp 3 lights up. Comfort tuning is selected.

The AIRMATIC COMFORT message appears in the multifunction display.

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