► Switch off the engine.

► Remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock.

KEYLESS-GO: open the drivers door. This switches the ignition to position 0, which corresponds to having removed the SmartKey. The drivers door can be closed again.

► Press the fuel filler flap in the direction of arrow 1.

The fuel filler flap opens slightly.

► Open the fuel filler flap.

► Turn the fuel filler cap counter-clockwise and remove it.

Sedan: insert the fuel filler cap into the bracket on the inside of fuel filler flap 2.
Wagon: insert the fuel filler cap into the recesses in the fuel filler flap hinge arm horizontally from above.

► Completely insert the pump nozzle into the filler neck and refuel.

► Only fill the tank until the pump nozzle switches off.

Overfilling the fuel tank could damage the fuel system.

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