Automatic engine switch-off

The ECO start/stop function switches the engine off automatically if the vehicle is braked to a standstill and the brake remains depressed with the transmission in position D or N.

You can still activate the HOLD function when the vehicle is stationary, even if the engine has been switched off automatically. It is then not necessary to continue applying the brakes during the automatic stop phase. When you depress the accelerator pedal, the engine starts automatically and the braking effect of the HOLD function is deactivated. Depress the accelerator pedal carefully, as the engine must be started first.

The engine is only switched off if:

 - the outside temperature is within the range which is suitable for the system.
 - the engine is at normal operating temperature.
 - the set temperature for the vehicle interior has been reached.
 - the battery is sufficiently charged.
 - the system detects that the windshield is not fogged up when the air-conditioning system is switched on.
 - the hood is closed.
 - no engine-relevant diagnostics are active.
 - the vehicle is not being steered.
 - the front door is closed and the seat belt is fastened.

During automatic engine switch-off, the climate control system only operates at a reduced capacity. If you require full climate control capacity, the ECO start/stop function can be deactivated by pressing the ECO button

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