Activating/deactivating airrecirculation mode

You can deactivate the flow of fresh air if unpleasant odors are entering the vehicle from outside. The air already inside the vehicle will then be recirculated.

The operation of air-recirculation mode is the same for all control panels.

Fogged windows impair visibility, endangering you and others. If the windows begin to fog on the inside, switching off the air recirculation mode immediately should clear interior window fogging. If interior window fogging persists, make sure the air conditioning is activated, or press thebutton. button.

Х► Turn the SmartKey to position 2 in the ignition lock.

Х► To activate: press the button. button.

The indicator lamp above the lights up. button lights up.

In the event of high pollution levels19 or at high outside temperatures, airrecirculation mode is automatically activated. When air-recirculation mode is activated automatically, the indicator lamp above the Outside air is added after about 30 button does not light up.

Outside air is added after about 30 minutes.

Х► To switch off: press the button. button.

The indicator lamp above the goes out. button goes out.

Air-recirculation mode deactivates automatically:

 - after approximately five minutes if outside temperatures are less than about 41 F (5 C)

 - after approximately five minutes if cooling with air dehumidification is deactivated

 - after approximately 30 minutes if outside temperatures are over about 41 F (5 C)

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