Notes on using 3-zone automatic climate control

The following contains instructions and recommendations to enable you to get the most out of your automatic climate control.

 - Activate climate control using the buttons. The indicator lamps above and the  and buttons. The indicator lamps above the buttons light up. You and can also set the airflow and air distribution buttons light up. You can also set the airflow and air distribution of the automatic climate control to one of three levels (FOCUS/MEDIUM/DIFFUSE).

You can set the desired level using button 11. The MEDIUM level is recommended.

 - Set the temperature to 72 °F (22 °C).

 - Only use the "defrosting" function briefly until the windshield is clear again.

 - Only use "air-recirculation" mode briefly, e.g. if there are unpleasant outside odors or when in a tunnel. The windows could otherwise fog up as, in air-recirculation mode, no fresh air is drawn into the vehicle.

 - Use the ZONE function to adopt the temperature settings on the driver's side for the front-passenger side and the rear compartment as well. The indicator lamp above the  - Use the residual heat function if you want button goes out.

 - Use the residual heat function if you want to heat or ventilate the vehicle interior when the ignition is switched off. The "residual heat" function can only be activated or deactivated with the ignition switched off.

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