Notes on using dual-zone automatic climate control

The following contains notes and recommendations on optimum use of dualzone automatic climate control.

 - Activate climate control using the buttons. The indicator lamps above and the  and buttons. The indicator lamps above the buttons light up. and  - Set the temperature to 72 °F (22 buttons light up.

 - Set the temperature to 72 °F (22 °C).

 - Only use the "defrosting" function briefly until the windshield is clear again.

 - Only use "air-recirculation" mode briefly, e.g. if there are unpleasant outside odors or when in a tunnel. The windows could otherwise fog up as, in air-recirculation mode, no fresh air is drawn into the vehicle.

 - Use the ZONE function to adopt the temperature settings on the driver's side for the front-passenger side as well. The indicator lamp above the goes button goes out.

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