Useful information

This Operator's Manual describes all models and all standard and optional equipment of your vehicle available at the time of publication of the Operator's Manual. Country-specific differences are possible. Please note that your vehicle may not be equipped with all features described. This also applies to safetyrelated systems and functions.

Please read the information on qualified specialist workshops

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    Activating cruise control
    You can adopt the current speed if you are driving faster than 20 mph (30 km/h). Ц Accelerate the vehicle to the desired speed. Ц Briefly press the cruise control lever up 1 or down 2. Ц Remo ...

    Stop function
    Press the COMAND controller to show the menu. To interrupt playback: select by turning the COMAND controller and press to confirm. The display changes to . The video image is hidd ...

    Displaying the coolant temperature
    WARNING   Driving when your engine is overheated can cause some fluids which may have leaked into the engine compartment to catch fire. You could be seriously burned. Steam from an over ...