Opening and closing the side windows

1. Front left

1. Front left
2. Front right
3. Rear right
4. Rear left

The switches for all side windows are located on the driver's door. There is also a switch on each door for the corresponding side window.

The switches on the driver's door take precedence.

i The side windows cannot be operated from the rear when the override feature for the side windows is activated.

Х► Turn the SmartKey to position 1 or 2 in the ignition lock.

Х► To open: press the corresponding switch.

Х► To close: pull the corresponding switch.

If you press the switch beyond the point of resistance, an automatic opening/ closing process is started in the corresponding direction. You can stop automatic operation by operating the switch again.

You can continue to operate the side windows after you switch off the engine or remove the SmartKey. This function is available for up to five minutes or until the driver's or front-passenger door is opened.

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