Centrally locking and unlocking the vehicle from the inside

You can centrally lock or unlock the vehicle from the inside.

The central locking/unlocking button does not lock or unlock the fuel filler flap.

You cannot unlock the vehicle centrally from the inside if the vehicle has been locked with the SmartKey or KEYLESS-GO.

Х►  To unlock: press button 1.Х► To lock: press button 2.

Х►  To unlock: press button 1.
Х► To lock: press button 2.

If all the doors are closed, the vehicle locks.

You can open a front door from inside the vehicle even if it has been locked. Only open the door when the traffic situation permits.

If the vehicle has been locked with the central locking button:

- and the SmartKey is set to its factory setting, the entire vehicle is unlocked if a front door is opened from the inside
- and the SmartKey is set to an individual setting, only the front door that is opened from inside the vehicle is unlocked.

If the vehicle has been locked centrally with the SmartKey or with KEYLESS-GO, it is not unlocked when the release button for the central locking is used.

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