Important safety notes

See the "Important safety notes" section

If ESP detects that the vehicle is deviating from the direction desired by the driver, one or more wheels are braked to stabilize the vehicle. If necessary, the engine output is also modified to keep the vehicle on the desired course within physical limits. ESP assists the driver when pulling away on wet or slippery roads. ESP can also stabilize the vehicle during braking.

If ESP intervenes, the warning ESP warning lamp flashes in the instrument cluster.

Under no circumstances should you deactivate ESP when the warning lamp in the instrument cluster ESP warning lamp in the instrument cluster flashes. Proceed as follows:
 - when driving off, apply as little throttle as possible.
- while driving, ease up on the accelerator pedal.
- adapt your speed to suit the prevailing road and weather conditions.

Failure to observe these guidelines could cause the vehicle to skid. ESP cannot prevent accidents resulting from excessive speed.

Vehicles without 4MATIC: switch the ignition off when:
- the parking brake is being tested using a dynamometer
- the vehicle is being towed with the front/ rear axle raised

Application of the brakes by ESP may otherwise destroy the brake system.

Vehicles with 4MATIC: switch off the ignition when the parking brake is being tested on a brake dynamometer.

Application of the brakes by ESP may otherwise destroy the brake system.

Only use wheels with the recommended tire sizes. Only then will ESP function properly.

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