PRE-SAFE (preventative occupant protection)

The PRE-SAFE system reduces the impact of an accident on vehicle occupants, as long as their seat belts have been fastened correctly.

Although your vehicle is equipped with a PRESAFE system, the possibility of injury in the event of an accident cannot be ruled out. You should therefore always drive carefully and adapt your driving style to the prevailing road, weather and traffic conditions.

PRE-SAFE takes preemptive measures to protect occupants in certain hazardous situations.

PRE-SAFE intervenes:

- in emergency braking situations, e.g. if BAS is activated or, in vehicles with DISTRONIC PLUS, BAS PLUS intervenes powerfully
- if the radar sensor system detects an imminent danger of collision in certain situations (on vehicles with DISTRONIC PLUS)
- in critical driving situations, e.g. when physical limits are exceed and the vehicle understeers or oversteers severely

PRE-SAFE takes the following measures depending on the hazardous situation detected:

- the front seat belts are pre-tensioned.
- it adjusts the front-passenger seat if it is in an unfavorable position.
- the air pressure in the side bolsters of the seat cushion and seat backrest of the front active multicontour seats is increased.
- if the vehicle skids, the sliding sunroof/ panorama roof with power tilt/sliding panel and the side windows are closed so that only a small gap remains.

If the hazardous situation passes without resulting in an accident, PRE-SAFE slackens the belt pretensioning. The air pressure in the side bolsters on the active multicontour seat

is reduced again. All settings made by PRESAFE can then be reversed.

If the seat belts are not released:

-  Move the backrest or seat back slightly, but only when the vehicle is stationary.

The belt pretensioning is reduced and the locking mechanism is released.

Make sure that nobody can become trapped as you adjust the seat.

Make sure that there are no objects in the footwell or behind the seats when resetting the seats. There is a risk that the seats and/or the objects could be damaged.

More information about seat-belt adjustment, a convenience function integrated into PRE-SAFE, can be found in the "Seat-belt adjustment" section

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