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all This Operator's Manual describes all models and all standard and optional equipment of your vehicle available at the time of publication of the Operator's Manual. Country-specific differences are possible. Please note that your vehicle may not be equipped with all features described. This also applies to safetyrelated systems and functions.

qualified Please read the information on qualified specialist workshops.

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    Rear-compartment screens
    1 Socket for corded headphones 2 V jack for video signal 3 L jack for audio signal, left 4 R jack for audio signal, right 5 Rear compartment screen You can connect an additional set o ...

    Entering characters in navigation mode (entering a city)
    General information Character entry is explained in the following sections using NEW YORK as an example for entering a city. If you want to use the address entry menu to enter a city, a stre ...

    Setting the ambient light
    You can make the following settings: Х SOLAR (yellow interior lighting) Х NEUTRAL (white interior lighting) Х POLAR (blue interior lighting) Х Brightness of the interior lighting on a scal ...