Transporting the vehicle

The towing eye can be used to pull the vehicle onto a trailer or transporter for transporting purposes.

ignition lock.  Turn the SmartKey to position 2 in the ignition lock.
position N.  Shift the automatic transmission to position N.

As soon as the vehicle is loaded:

applying the parking brake.  Prevent the vehicle from rolling away by applying the parking brake.
  Turn the SmartKey to position 0 in the  Move the selector lever to P.
ignition lock and remove the SmartKey  Turn the SmartKey to position 0 in the ignition lock and remove the SmartKey from the ignition lock.
Only lash the vehicle down by  Secure the vehicle.

the wheels Only lash the vehicle down by the wheels or wheel rims, not by parts of the vehicle such as axle or steering components.
Otherwise, the vehicle could be damaged.

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