Cleaning genuine wood and trim elements

a damp, lint-free cloth, e.g. a microfiber  Wipe the wooden trim and trim pieces with a damp, lint-free cloth, e.g. a microfiber cloth.
products recommended and approved by  Heavy soiling: use car care and cleaning products recommended and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

cleaning agents Do not use solvent-based cleaning agents such as tar remover, wheel cleaners, polishes or waxes. There is otherwise a risk of damaging the surface.

pieces. Do not use chrome polish on trim pieces.
The trim pieces have a chrome look but are mostly made of anodized aluminum and can lose their shine if chrome polish is used. Use a damp, lint-free cloth instead when cleaning the trim pieces.
If the chrome-plated trim pieces are very dirty, you can use a chrome polish. If you are unsure as to whether the trim pieces are chrome-plated or not, consult an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

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