Cleaning the plastic trim

When cleaning the steering wheel boss and dashboard, do not use cockpit sprays or cleaning agents containing solvents. Cleaning agents containing solvents cause the surface to become porous, and as a result, plastic parts may break away and be thrown around the interior when an air bag is deployed, which may result in severe injuries.

plastic Do not affix the following to plastic surfaces:
Х stickers
Х films
Х scented oil bottles or similar items You can otherwise damage the plastic.

repellent Do not allow cosmetics, insect repellent or sunscreen to come into contact with the plastic trim. This maintains the high-quality look of the surfaces.

cloth, e.g. a microfiber cloth.  Wipe the plastic trim with a damp, lint-free cloth, e.g. a microfiber cloth.
products recommended and approved by  Heavy soiling: use car care and cleaning products recommended and approved by Mercedes-Benz.
The surface may change color temporarily.
Wait until the surface is dry again.

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